Welcome to our website. We are happy you liked our presentation and we would be even happier to welcome you in our new rooms. Here, we want to give you some information about us, our studio and our service. to our team belong Mistresses, Bizarrladies and slave girls. We enjoy to invent new scenes and plan new equipment. We stand for movement, development and innovation.
In our studio we have the following policy:
One of our first princples is discretion. As long as you don´t wish otherwise you are not seen by any other guest. And of course we don´t ask you for a business card.At the beginning of each visit we will have a noncommittal preliminary talk. This talk is really noncommittal and obliges you to nothing. Take all the time you need. Nobody will hassle you or charge you anything. If this talk will get more concrete and you decide to stay with us, we will ask you about your wishes and imaginations, your taboos and borders. Please be as honest as possible. If you have a film in your mind we are happy to follow it. But maybe it would be even more thrilling when you let the Mistress lead you to a land you don´t know -- of course within the boundries of your borders and taboos. Let it happen and show us what you feel. That´s why we love to be Mistresses.
If you want to see one of our slave girls one of our mistresses will have the initial talk with you. She wants to know what your imagination is and how resilient the slave girl has to be. As always there are rules and taboos. You will get a short introduction to our rooms and equipment so you can handle everything by yourself.

How to use a slave girl

Masters who are interested in playing with our slave girls have to submit to certain rules of the house. We would like to ensure that the play will be enjoyable and free of health issues on both sides. We expect the use of condoms and latex gloves to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids. Certain actions that have been leading over and over to painful sprains or marks. Please pay close attention to:
Rope bondage or the use wrist and ankle shackles. They should not be as tight as to cut off blood circulation. Shutting skin tissue. While applying the ropes please take your time and make sure to always keep your hand between the skin of your slave and the rope to avoid burn marks. Overexerting your slave while suspended from a trapeze or pulley or tied to a bondage rack. The proper use of gags, especially inflatable ones.
Never using gags and blindfolds at the same time as this shuts out communication between you and your slave. Agreeing on a code word in case your slave needs to beg for mercy.
On caning and whipping:
Warming up the skin with bare hands or using a paddle is absolutely necessary. Please aim controlled (aiming for the butt and not the upper thighs or the back) unless you made a different agreement with your slave. Give yourself some time when you start using whips. They all vary in length and material with very differing impacts. Do not hit the kidneys, the spine or the collarbone.
The more you slowly warm up the skin of your slave the harder and faster you can continue your session. Start out with softer whips. Never use the handle of the equestrian whip. All rules also apply for caning sessions. Start out by warming up the skin and using the soft and flexible canes first. Never aim for the pubic bone.
Other rules:
Playing with wax: Always use white candles. When starting out please avoid being too close to the skin. Let your slaves skin gets used to the pain before reducing the distance. "Warming up" the slave with your hands or a small dildo or plug and taking sufficient lubricant before using the bigger sizes. Giving your slave enough time to open up while preparing for a fisting. Start gentle and do not spare lubricant. You can talk about all your wishes and fantasies while consulting a slave girl. Sometimes they consent to extend their limits. We expect you to respect the arrangements made with our slave during consultation. Finally we wish all masters a perfect and pleasurable session.
Lady Mercedes and Lady Marlon.


You can either visit us without an appointment during our office hours (Am Zitadellenweg 20e, Berlin-Spandau) or you can give us a call. At every time there are at least two Mistresses in our Studio. If you want to meet a slave girl you want to phone us ahead because they are not every time at your service. Which is also necessary if you want to see a certain Mistress.
Our Studio is big and comprehensive furnished. For every imagination we have the right room. If you like rubber we have a huge choice of clothing in nearly every size. And if really something is missing -- we are masters of improvisation. Maybe you did have a virtual look around and saw our Studio. For us, the Studio is unique and the most beautiful in the world. We furnished it with love to the detail and filled it with our fantasies.
Of course you can rent our rooms for your own scenes. We´ll give you a short instruction how to use the facilities. After that you and your partner can enjoy yourself.

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