Frequently Asked Questions - And the Anserws!


What can I expect during an event at the Residenz Avalon?

  • Several days and nights of unimaginable female domination

  • Very tough-minded, highly erotic women who will severely test your imagination and tolerance

  • The ultimate realization of your dreams

  • Days of games and fun and excitement which you will never ever forget

  • A “Must-do” event for those interested in serious long term treatments involving for example:

    • Flagellation

    • Drill

    • Solitary confirment

    • Education

    • Bondage

    • Humilitation

    • Animal Training

    • Servitude

    • Corporal pnunishment, etc.


What is expected from me?

  • A tolerance for and full acceptance of guests with different fantasies

  • A good sense of humour for all occasions

  • A willingness to experience something totally new

  • A readiness to contribute to the overall success of he event

  • An acceptance of FEMDOM as a way of Residenz life

  • Clear communication of your goals and expectationsKlare


What are the behavioural expectations within the Residenz?

  • We refer to The Rules of the Residenz, please check our Web Page


What kind of experience is prerequisite for participation?

  • You had already some S&M experiences and you are fully conscious of your fantasies and inclinations


How is the Residenz equipped?

  • The Residenz has dungeons and several play rooms that are equipped with S&M furniture such as:

    • Gynaecological chair

    • Various cages

    • Confessional

    • School Room

    • Prison cells

    • Dark hole für serious offenders

    • Interrogation room

    • Caning table

    • Whipping bench

    • St. Andrews Cross

    • Suspension equipment

    • Pillory

    • Outside stocks and much more...


Will my wishes be respected?

  • We developed a questionnaire, which gives every guest the opportunity to define his fantasies and outline his limits and taboos

  • In addition, we will have extensive e-mail contacts to reply to all questions and concerns

  • We are responsible and responsive to our slaves and will take your fantasies and limits into consideration

  • In short, the answer is yes, but expect to be challenged within your limits


What agreements are possible?

  • You may codetermine what happens to you

  • If you prefer not to participate in group education, we offer individual imprisonment and related treatment

  • We agree on code words to be used


Where will I sleep?

  • The Residenz has 4 independent dungeon cells; the beds are 60 cm wide

  • An additional cell “deluxe” has a bed, which is one meter wide

  • A “super deluxe” accommodation in the main house has a bed 1.40 cm wide. It can be locked as well


How about creature’s comfort?

  • All cells and rooms have central heating

  • All cells have mayday emergency call switches

  • All cells have buckets for nightly needs ant the super de luxe accommodation has toilet access


What about a shower?

  • All guests have access to the showers in the main house

  • Additional toilet and cold water facilities are available in the dungeon

  • Towels will be made available


Where will my peronal belongins and valuables be stored and secured?

  • The Residenz has lockable closets for valuables and clothing

  • The keys will be kept in a separate secure place

  • Don’t bring more than necessary


What should I bring

  • Your medicine, if any

  • Items for your personal hygiene

  • Firm, comfortable shoes

  • Rugged comfortable clothing and some sportswear


What may I bring?

  • Your toys

  • Fetish clothing for the occasion

  • Presents


How about food an health?

  • Three meals a day fitting for the occasion

  • If you have dietary restrictions, let us know

  • We have no medical prerequisites

  • We insist however, that you communicate all existing limitations and illnesses such as diabetes


May I use my mobile phone, make calls or listen to my mailbox?

  • Yes, if you ask beforehand


Where can I park?

  • Nearby outside the Residenz is ample outside parking available.


Directions to the Residenz?

  • After your definitive reservation, we will provide directions


How is my identity protected?

  • You may assume a different name if you prefer

  • In that case only Avalon will know your true identity

  • Avalon will keep your identity a secret from other guests, if you so decide

  • Your communication with us is strictly confidential

  • Photos and filming is not permitted

  • The Residenz is a walled and hidden place

  • Views from the outside are impossible


What Toys are made available?

  • At individual meetings with Avalon staff, small toys like ropes, whips and clamps will be made available to the Residenz team

  • For those folks who want to rent the facilities on their own, they can be lent against a deposit /li>


How to apply?

  • We are interested in what you expect

  • Sent a letter with your fantasy and a description what you want to experience

  • After discussions, we will send you a questionnaire for registration
  • Fill out the questionnaire and tell us which date or event you prefer


How to register?

  • After our communication and registration, you make a down-payment of 50%, no later than two weeks before the event or before your stay


May I cancel my application? Do I get my money back?

  • Your money will be fully refunded for all cancellations made 14 days before the event or earlier

  • Thereafter we retain 100 €uro from your deposit


What happens if during the event, I want to break up for health reasons, or if I don’t like it?

  • You are free to leave the Residenz at any time

  • Generally, after an event started, money will not be refunded

  • In rare and exceptional cases, we will find an individual solution


What about the famous human side of the Avalon Ladies? Or, are they always dead serious?

  • We like good jokes and good conversation

  • We know how to dominate in relaxed intelligent fashion without much screaming and yelling

  • Submission is a must, but:

  • Avalon Ladies dominate the natural way, enlightened eroticism, power combined with irresistible arguments, humour and intuitive understanding


How much I am supervised?

  • 24 hours!

  • You are constantly under watch:

    • During work

    • During learning and punishment

    • in Prison

  • Your fate and treatment is determined by the moods and inclinations of the supervisory female staff...


May I sleep through the night?

  • No guarantee given...


May I determine which Lady relates to me?

  • No. This is not possible in an event.

  • The supervisory staff is well trained and very experienced

  • An individual stay is possible, of course

  • Write to your favourite lady and tell her everything


How are the prices calculated?

  • The  prices are a combination of actual cost calculations, comparisons with other comparable events and our own experiences

  • Highly qualified ladies are present and work at our events and individual stays. They deserve to be rewarded.

  • Check our homepage for the detailed prices