The Avalon is one of the most established studios in Berlin. In the beginning we were a small team and had big ideas. We grew determined and stuck to our core idea. As time went by, we were getting better and more successful.

The core idea was size and expanse, it was the wish to build a stage for every imagination you can think of. It was the dream to dive into other worlds and stage the perfect scene.

But what would the perfect studio be without the Mistresses, Bizarrladies, and slave girls who fill it with life? Nothing! In all those years we worked together with great women. With many we are united by friendship. Others had personal reasons to leave. Only highly sophisticated women who stand by their passion -- whatever their nature might be -- work in our team. Most of our Ladies are with us for a long time.

Everything has to be harmonious -- from the first contact either at the phone, the door, or the preliminary talk. The most important person are you and the most important thing your passions. Soon you will get the feeling that you are talking to a woman who understands you and whom you can trust. Your feeling at the entry of our studio should be:

Intense expectation

And that is what you can expect from us:
Our complete attention and our curiosity about you and the part of your imagination that led you to us. Every scene is different and exciting. We don´t give you a questionnaire, we talk to you very intensely. Just let us lead the way -- we have imagination and intuition. If you do that, we promise you will have an unforgettable experience. We love our job and our successes -- the same as you do.
Another step towards perfection is our move to the Zitadellenweg. Here we had the chance to start all over again and to fill an empty loft with our dreams and make it to a new place -- the place for a different reality.
And here we are : serious, playful, sophisticated !