The First Time


Your visit to a studio should be something special.


We believe it is very important for beginners to let go of any inhibitions and have a really nice first experience. And of course let's not forget that many newcomers have no idea what it's like to visit an SM studio. You don't know the rules of play? You don't know what to expect in a studio atmosphere?


Then this page is for you!



The First Contact:

It all begins with the first contact, either through our website or by telephone. We respond to every email. You can send us your ideas and ask if your fantasies can be realized.

We will gladly answer. We'll put you in touch with a lady as soon as you have a specific wish. The lady will then answer her email directly. Questions about our prices are fully justified and will be answered.

A request by email is always answered within 2 days. If after 2 days you have still not received a reply, you can assume that we have not received your email. (It may be sitting in our spambox.) On the telephone, please understand that we are more reserved. Your inquiries should therefore be very concrete. Of course, you are free to ask general questions, and we will gladly give you all the necessary information.

Once you have decided to make an appointment with the Lady of your choice please contact her personaly. You find all the informations about the Ladies on our website. Please agree with her all terms and conditions for your session and confirm the session one day before by phone.



During Covid 19 times:

Please have the filled in Self-disclosure ready when you visit us, there is a download link on our page , or you find a table in front of our studio with the forms and pens. We kindly ask you to desinfect your hands and put on the mouth-nose protection before ringing  the bell.


Most likely, you stand at our door with your heart pounding. You ring the bell. The door opens, and you are faced with a lady from our team.

She will greet you and prompt you to follow her. You will be guided into a so-called "greeting room" and she will ask you to sit down.  Discretion is a top priority, you must not be afraid of running into other guests.

You will sit across from the lady of your choice. Don't be afraid to tell her that this is your first time. Mention anything that is important to you - from the clothing you desire her to wear to potential physical limitations - this is very important information for us!

All questions regarding the session will be answered.


The Financial Part:

A session is always paid for in advance. The tribute is best paid in cash. Large bills sometimes create an issue with change. If you have a German bank account, you also have the option to pay with your EC card + PIN. We do accept credit cards but no foreign debit cards.

Now, when the financial transfer is complete, it begins.

Next to our greeting rooms are guest bathrooms. Every guest has the opportunity to take a shower before and after the session. There are towels, shower gel and toothbrush. For clothes and personal things, there are lockers.  Lock your locker and give the key to your Domina. It will be returned to you after the session.


The Session:

You will be picked up and brought into a studio room. There you will find dim light, music, and a pleasant atmosphere. If this is not so - if the music is nerve-wracking, it's too cold, or the light to dim, you can still to communicate this with your Domina. She is a professional and will be able to change this easily.

But then, let yourself go. You will feel very quickly that a new situation has occurred. Now you are part of a game, and the more you give and let go, the more enjoyment you will get out of this situation. Should you feel during the session that this is not actually what you had in mind, and you are unable to let go, then that will also be felt by your Domina. Together with her, you can then talk about it again and change course.

If something hurts - the hand falls asleep, you can not stay very long on the knees - communicate this! The nipple clamps are so strong you cannot stand it - ask the lady for mercy.

For each of our actions, we expect a reaction from you. Without reactions, we do not know whether or not we've set the right tone to reach you and your fantasy. So please play your part of the game and make yourself an active part of this shared experience.


After the Session:

You always have enough "come down" time. Nobody will ask you to jump up immediately and run to the shower. Once you have collected yourself again, we will bring you back to the greeting room. There you can shower, dress and refresh.

Once you are again suitable for the "real world", you'll sit together for a short review. We always come to the same questions: Did you like it? Was it how you imagined it would be? We expect an honest answer and will handle criticism well. Of course, we also like to hear compliments and are always happy when you sit before us completely relaxed, with twinkling eyes.

If you feel during the session that you cannot turn off, you can't get in the right mood, or do not feel the Lady is executing the session to fit your fantasy, you may end the session at any time. In this case, your Domina will financially accommodate you. If you need a taxi, let your Domina know. She will order a cap for you.