A visual tour through the Residenz

Here you get a glance into our facilities over 2000 square meters!


1st floor of the Residenz


We like to welcome our guests with a glass of sparkling wine and a little box filled with  toys before showing them to their respective rooms.
The Residenz can comfortably house three couples at the same time.

The Red Suite is our largest guest room with its own, separate bathroom a beautiful prospect of the river Havel. Also avaible are the somewhat smaler blue and green guestroom, the latter one also facing the river. 

Right next to the small lounge with its charming little fireplace you will find a fully equipped kitchen, where your slaves will find everything needed to prepare your meals and serve them to you.

The studio is situated between the lounge and the great hall. Among other things, you will find a stable Saint Andrew's Cross, a bondage benche with leg restraints and a hoisting winch mounted to the ceiling.


Examinations, ice-cold showers, bright light....

This is the place we will discover everything on you!

The lesson gets started.

The strict Head Mistress enters the schoolroom. Boys and girls stand silently in attention behind their desks. Did they complete their homework? Or will they be asked to stay longer? Nobody leaves this room, before all lessons are learned.


The descrete place for sexy and kinky games...

The Lounge - The heart of the Residenz
Here we meet, relax, and of course, celebrate. And while the masters and mistreses enjoy themselves there, the slaves can spend their time cooking, doing chores or being locked away in a cage or cell.



The celebration hall and the basement of the Residenz



The jewel of the Residenz!In our spacious hall trials and slave auctions take place and ponies undergo their basic training. The hall may also be used by our overnight guests for more elaborate sessions, like formal education or punishments.

Our prison wing is located in the oldest part of the former factory. It includes four rather simple units. Each has a spartan military bed, approximately 80 cm wide. An additional "De Luxe" unit is larger and provides a 1 m wide bed. Each unit has an emergency button.

You feel the power of time, if you are incarcerated in the vault.Time runs by, you may vaguely hear the bells far away at every hour.Whose fate is worse? One poor fellow sits in a deep cold hole in the ground? Another is cramped in a sit-only cage. Another is on the rack. All of them don’t know what happens next. But it could be worse: The dark hole underneath the floor.

Here everybody without exception has confessed his hideous transgressions and crimes! Thick, impenetrable walls make your screams useless...

You sinned? Will you have a contrite heart confess and ask for forgiveness? She will impose a punishment, will you be able to take it?

The outdoorfacilities are sheltered from view and offer lots of room for petplay and similar activities.And while the masters and mistresses enjoy the beautiful view from the terrace or pier, the slaves will labour down in the yared, wait harnessed to the sulky or stay locked away in the stables. When they aren` t busy waiting on their owners, that is.