Short time rental



You want to explore new fields? Or you need to change your own style of play or studio rooms? You have a special fantasy that you only can realise in a specially equipped room?

The Residenz provide the appropriate setting.  Couples of all combinations are welcome. You can rent the Residenz for a minimum of two hours, with no upper limit. But no matter how long you decide to stay -- the whole range of possibilities are there for you to discover:

A completely tiled room for wet scenes of every kind
A clinical room with a genealogical chair
A school room with original forms, teacher's desk, and blackboard
A confessional
A boudoir with a special bed which is good for bondage
A studio with a cross, cages, and a timber trestle
An open air pillory
A questioning room
A large number of authentic cells (if you wish with video surveillance)
A lot of space for the pony education, sulkies included