Custom Video


Would you like to have a short film produced exclusively for you? Soley and only for you?

Should your imagination lead you into our cellar basement or into the latex room – maybe your dream happens  into the clinic,

or does the leather accessories and the colorful electrical cables with the Eplaybox  turn you on?

Tell us  you your favorite location ..., we will capture you there.

A dominatrix, completely dressed in latex - just for you, she looks at you and says your name,

You hear her strict voice and when you close your eyes

you can literally imagine how it feels to kneel in front of her.

You listen to her orders and they are ONLY for YOU.

Leather, PVC, white or black, mini or midi, skirt or trousers, feet bare or stocked,

high heels or sneakers, everything is possible by arrangement.


Would you like to follow her with your eyes when she walks along

the hallway with her high heel shoes.

Or do you look at her elegant hand when she moves the cane through the air
and tells you with threatening words where your place is?

Maybe you are sitting in the dungeon and you can see your Mistress through the bars of a cage .
And maybe she puts her hand graciously through the iron fence, or she is in front of you with

the black leather whip in her hand and scares you with her overwhelming dominance.

Or the scene is clinical ...,

you watch Ms. Doctor  when she prepares dangerous looking instruments and sharp needles

,,, and you don´t know what is going on- because you lose control.


Please consider: this is your film. It is only produced for you. Copyright lies with the author.

The producer can take legal action against copyright infringement.

The exploitation rights lie solely with the producer,

which means that this film must not be used for any other media.


Share with us your fantasies. We are looking forward to it!

We discuss everything else by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.