Lady Phoenix

I know who I am.

19th JULY

American dominatrix with specialty training from the Studio Avalon team. Sensual and dominant, extremely sadistic,

and a little masochistic.

Quietly present in every moment. Very physical, not so verbal. Powerfully sexual when I feel like it:

you must squirm and cry in pain, helplessly gagged and bound.

I know who I am. I know why I am here. Can you say the same? Come with me.

Let me take you underneath the surface, where you can experience and understand your potential.

Destroy and let go of what is unwanted. Seek out your authentic self through the exploration of the extreme.

If you are too afraid, I can hold your hand - helping you to not fall, but forcing you to step forward.


English (native), German (not fluent)

Main Interests:

Pain: caning, spanking, flogging, CBT, bastinado, electrotorture, singletail

Bondage: rope, leather, suspension, gag, mummification, body bag, clothed facesitting

Anal: pegging, strap-on, fisting, prostate massage

Medical: examinations, testing, probing, urethral sounds, enema, needles, injections (saline only), catheter

Dirty Games: golden shower, hardsports

Prison scenario (at Residenz Avalon)