The girl with the mask.


She is back!

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Till the end, she will stay a mysterious stran.  At no times you will see her face. Her body belongs to you, as well as her attention and devotion. Make her your own.
However, her identity stays hidden behind the mask.She is devoted and submissive, perhaps sometimes fractious and insubordinate. She will take the pain you cause her - as a punishment or simply for your own pleasure. And she will assume any role to please your taste.Tie her up, bind her down, use her, educate her, subdue her.
She is waiting for you.
- erotic role play
- bizarre scenarios
- pet play
- clinical examination
- humiliating poses
- bondage
- cleats
- weights
- candle wax
No-gos / taboos:
- anal play
- slaps in the face, pulling hair
- kissing
- taking off the mask