Lady Valentina

Do you know me? I know you and know what you need!

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I am a young, irresistible Dominatrix who knows your secret fantasies and desires. You will meet me as a charming seductress or a bizarre doctor , as sensual fetishist or as your strict teacher, dominant boss and relentless pursuer.Submit yourself to my electric fantasies, my nylons or just to satisfy my sadistic pleasures.

Under my empathetic supervision you discover your darkest desires.

I love ménages à trois. Play together with me and a submissive girl...
But if you get too close, I might punish you – and if you aim to get away, there is no chance to escape.

No matter what I do to you, I will always be breathtakingly close to you.

I love to control and chastise, but surely test your limits. You have taboos? How far we go depends entirely on you.I am sure that you will follow along my way.

Discover refined pain and sexual longings now anew - submit to the sensual and sexy world of Lady Valentina!

Lady Valentina speaks german, russian and english.

Classical education
Beginners are welcome
Latex and leather fetish
Anal play, Strap-on
Erotic clinical examination games
Electric Games
Spanking, flagellation, bastinado
Wax and Spikes
Dog Training
Foot, nylon and shoe erotic’s
Vacuum bed
Venus 2000
One of my particular preferences is baby education

Intimate Contact