Sklavin Ivy

Just a little bit of "poison”

My name is Ivy, or Poison Ivy if you like.

I am, of course, whoever you want and need me to be.

It takes courage to submit to the desires of someone else, to place yourself at the mercy of another.

I pride myself on my strength in this way, as well as my adaptability and my open-mindedness.

Your level of experience as a dominant person does not matter to me,

our session will be shaped and curated to your specific needs and tastes.

In my sessions we liberate ourselves from shame.

I welcome your strange desires and your most secretive fetishes.

For the practiced sadist, you will find me most obliging and obedient.

My masochism runs deep. I can take what you give me.

I enjoy the harder hand. Allow me to sate your sadistic appetite,

I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Perhaps you even have dominant inclinations but are afraid to realise them?

I offer you my time and my experience.

I can talk you through what feels good, how I like to be punished.

I want to make you feel in control, to feel strong, to feel good about yourself!

I am not afraid to show you what I need, to ask for my punishment or reward.

Ivy is in the studio on Saturdays and Sundays.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Appointments currently only in English.

I enjoy:

Bondage: Rope-Suspension-Cuffs-Gags-Blindfolds

Nipple clamps



Role Playing-Ageplay-Hand play (activ and passiv)

Ménage-à-trois with another slave or dominatrix

Foot erotic

OV (activ) and DT Dildo and Plugs

Education Punishment, humiliation and objectification

Wax and temperature play


Requests for AV or GV must be discussed before the session

Marks on the body from a hard cane or whip session are welcome, however this will require an extratribute.



unsafe practices, needles, blood, clinic, caviar (KV), kissing and OV (receiving)